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Silver Leg Chains

Silver Leg Chain manufacturing is done in Salem in large quantities but in small scale. The Leg Chains Produced in Salem are Sold across India, mostly in North India and in Andhra pradesh. The Major production area is in Shevapet area of Salem how ever the process is now spread to a vast area. This Industry currently employs around 1 Lac workers Directly. The Jewellaries are fully hand made in Salem and in other parts of India like Mathura, Rajkot & Agra the process is machiniced.


Silver is a precious metal available in earth, like most precious metals. It is mostly available in Africa countries and in Australia and America.

Various types of Leg chains produced in Salem:

  • The Loose Chain.        (Looks Like a traditional Chain Link)
  • The 'S' Chain.             (Very Tightly Knotted S Shaped Silver rings)
  • The Kushboo Chains.   (Chains Made with 8 Shaped Links)
  • The Kudhiyam Chain.   (Tightened Loose Chain like a Strap)
  • The Menaka Jalar Chain.  (Light Weight Chain Knit with a continuous Silver Thread instead of Joints)
  • The Savithri Chain.      (It is little heavier)
  • There are many inner verities in the Leg chains like Leg Chains decorated with Flowers (Silver) and Light weight Flowers and Beads balls (Selanga).
  • The Line Selanga Kudhiyam Chain is very well suited for the Young babies and they produce a sweat music.

 For Business enquiries regarding Leg Chain Manufacturing

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